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Workshop with industry professional 

Mark Webb


Hatton College was created to bridge the gap between mainstream education and starting a career in performing arts, whether going on to stage school or going straight into work; through practical, technique based training from specialised and experienced staff.


In 2013, HSPA launched its first Btec Level 2 Diploma in Performing Arts and Hatton College was born. The following year our first Level 3 cohort embarked on their Extended Diploma in Performing Arts


Hattons College is based at Hatton’s School of Performing Arts, which was founded in 1993 (originally called Dance Warehouse) by Principal Julie Hatton. From only a few members and classes the school has gone from strength to strength and now offers classes in all styles of dance, singing, drama and musical theatre delivered by experienced specialist staff.


As a college and performing arts school, our main aim is to train and prepare you, physically and mentally for a career in the performing arts. At the core of our Btec course is an intensive, structured schedule that builds your technique, skills and stamina in all three disciplines (dance, singing and drama) to push you to your potential as a triple threat performer. We tailor the delivery of the course around your specific needs and career aspirations. For example, a learner may have a specific interest in stage make-up or lighting so can add units of study in those areas. The method of assessment can also be chosen to suit a learners strengths, for example, a learner who struggles to write essays can be assessed on a spoken presentation.

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Btec Level 2 graduating class

Layla Testimonial.jpg

Testimonial from past pupil Layla Gill Dale



Our Btec level 3 performing arts course is aimed at preparing you for the next stage of your career. 


Our Btec level 3 course takes place over two years. In those two years you will study the following

  • Dance - including correct alignment and posture, different dance styles, the history of dance.

  • Singing - Vocal techniques, vocal protection.

  • Musical Theatre - Acting skills,  the history of musical theatre, 

  • Health & Fitness - Muscle groups and their functions, Nutrition and how it affects the body

  • Industry Preparation - Research different routes into the performance industry, Audition prep, Creating a CV & Showreel, Attend Auditions, Workshops taught by leading industry professionals

  • Industry Skills - Technical/Production skills, Marketing, Community Teaching, Teaching & Learning strategies


Btec Workshop from Hatton College Alumni Layla Gill Dale

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