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We teach a comprehensive range of classes covering every discipline of singing, dancing, acting and more. The following is our complete range classes which should give you a good idea of the styles you might like to try, what it will involve and when each of the classes are carried out.


If you need to know any more about our classes or if you'd like to enroll then feel free to get in touch via any of our regular methods.


Acro Monday | Juniors & Seniors | 6–7pm

Similar to gymnastics acrobatics is based around strength, balance and flexibility. However the focus in Acro is lengthening “through” the tricks and holding balances with interesting variations.


We develop this through mat based work focusing on strength and stretching. We do this individually and in partners.


Ballet Tuesday | Advanced: 5–6pm | Junior: 6–7pm | Thursday | Junior: 4–5pm | Intermediate: 5–6pm | Senior: 6–7pm | Advanced: 7–8pm | Saturday | Mini-movers: 9.30–10.15am | Dance Stage 1 Ballet: 9.30–10.15am | Dance Stage 2 Ballet: 10.30–11.30am

Hspa is a school registered with the Royal Academy of Dance, to enter students for Royal Academy ballet examinations.


Ballet is considered to be at the core of most dance genres and here at HSOPA all dancers are encouraged to take ballet classes.


Ballet give students excellent posture and technique. Children are encouraged to learn exercises which build up to the Royal Academy of Dance syllabus. Children may take examinations should they wish to do so. Classes offered range from fun classes for Pre-School children to vocational grades for the more advanced student.


Pre-pointe is offered, these classes focus on strengthening for legs ankles, feet and core. Once pointe shoes have been fitted pupils practice exercises at the barre and eventually progress to the centre.


The vocational grades are for those who have reached a standard of excellence or are wishing to pursue a career in dance. Students who achieve vocational grades gain UCAS points, which many have used to gain entry to performing arts schools or university degree courses.


Achievement at Intermediate level entitles those who should they wish to do so to train to become qualified and registered RAD teachers.


Achievement of vocational grades ensures that those who go on to performing arts colleges go in at a higher level of ballet studies.


Cheerleading Monday | 7–8.30pm

Just like the films we teach Cheerleading at Hattons is a class which combines a mixture of skills.


We train in dance, including Pom dance, tumbling, jumps and stunts. You will build on team work and perform at numerous events and competitions throughout the year. from the smaller stunts to some of the bigger more daring tricks.


Contemporary Saturday | Juniors: 11.30am–12.30pm | Seniors: 12.30–1.30pm

Contemporary dance is a combination of expressive movement, body interpretation and strong dance technique based on a number of different dance genres including ballet and jazz.


The classes focus on choreographic exploration, improvisational skills alongside contemporary basics such as, Cunningham & Graham techniques.


Danceology Friday |  6pm–7pm

Danceology is all about having fun while dancing. This is a great opportunity to come and learn different styles each week.


Disco Friday | Juniors: 4pm–5pm | Infants: 4pm– 5pm | Intermediate: 4pm–5pm | Intermediate/Advanced: 5pm–6pm
Disco Comp Friday | Juniors: 6pm–7pm

A fast paced style of dance, which can adapt to any style of music. We incorporate rock n roll, Jive, Tricks and Acrobatics. We offer a Disco Competition class for people wishing to compete with solos and duets.


The class will work on your flexibility, co-ordination and strength.


Drama Monday | Intermediate: 4pm–5pm | Junior: 5pm– 6pm | Senior: 6pm–7pm 

Our drama classes work on performance skills whilst building confidence, combining improvisation, character developments and script work.


We offer our students the opportunity to work towards Lamda examinations.

Freestyle Jazz

Freestyle Jazz
Thursday | Starters: 4–5pm | Juniors: 5–6pm | Advanced: 6–7pm | Intermediate: 7–8pm

Our Freestyle Jazz class is one of the most fundamental in developing our dancers.


In this class we work on key elements to provide a foundation for all other styles. This includes isolations, body alignment, strength, technique for kicks and pirouettes, traveling across the floor, stamina and flexibility as well as dynamics.


We develop this through the use of an extended warm up including body conditioning, corner work, technique exercises based on Matt Mattox, and short combinations.


Freestyle jazz class helps develop dynamic dancers and to be able to move at such speed.


Friday | Junior: 6–7pm | Advanced Juniors: 6–7.30pm | Advanced: 7–8.30pm
Saturday | Gymnastics: 9am–10.30am | Boys Gymnastics: 10.30am–12noon

Our Gymnastics club is based at The Street, Scarborough, next to William Street coach park. This is because it is an adequate size for all of our equipment.


We cover the disciplines of floor, beam, bars, vault, and tumble track. This is to improve the students strength, flexibility, and tricks on different equipment.

The students work on areas that are their weaknesses and learn new tricks weekly, they are supported throughout learning these new tricks until they are able to do them unsupported. By doing this it is allowing the students to gain muscle memory and improve their confidence to try things independently.

Mini Movers

Mini Movers
Saturday | 10.30–11.15am

Mini movers are our youngest performers, aged from 18 months old. The classes run on a Saturday morning starting at 9am with gymnastics, followed by ballet 9.30–10.15am and dance 10.30–11.15am.


The classes are split into different stages depending on age and ability, allowing the teachers to work with smaller groups and give more individual attention.


The children take part in warm ups, technical exercises and learn choreography while also developing coordination, balance, motor skills, social skills and following instructions. Of course the children are unaware that this is what they are doing, as they are too busy having fun!

Modern Jazz

Modern Jazz
Tuesday | Beginners/Intermediate: 5–6pm | Advanced: 6–7pm

Modern jazz teaches our students a more controlled technical skill and allows them to express more emotion through dance.


These classes include exercises that will help improve technique, flexibility and core strength, along with helping you find the correct body alignment and position to allow you to understand how your body works in order to move more freely and have an awareness of your body.

Musical Theatre

Musical Theatre
Wednesday | Junior: 6–7pm | Thursday | Senior: 5–6pm | Adult: 7–8.30pm

HSPA Musical Theatre classes combine all 3 disciplines of acting, singing and dance/movement to develop 'triple threat' performers. The classes are divided into Junior, Intermediate, Senior and Adult.


As well as performing regularly in shows and events, once a year the classes take on their own complete musical. Previous performances include Les Miserables and Sweeney Todd (Senior Musical Theatre), Into the Woods (Junior and Intermediate Musical Theatre) The Producers (Senior and Adult Musical Theatre).


The wide variety in choice of material helps create versatile performers who can adapt from comedy to tragedy, rock vocals to ‘legit’.


Senior Musical Theatre are currently working on their production of Blood Brothers while Junior and Intermediate Musical Theatre are rehearsing for their performance of Annie.

Musical Theatre

Scarborough Youth Theatre
Saturday | Various classes 11am–2pm

Scarborough Youth Theatre is a part time musical theatre course focused on developing 'triple threat performers'.

The course is divided into Juniors and Seniors who work together on some performances and separately on others, allowing the seniors to take on more challenging and age appropriate material.


Students have separate training in all 3 disciplines of acting, singing and dance, taught by specialist teachers in each field. The group perform regularly and cover a variety of styles and genres.


Singing Mixed days & times – please consult our class timetable

Singing classes at HSPA are divided into four – Infant Singing, Junior Voices, Diamond Voices (senior) and The Hattones (adult).


All classes learn vocal technique including breathing, support, placement and close harmony singing, alongside other skills such as teamwork, listening and communication. The singers learn repertoire from all genres (e.g. pop, classical, musical theatre) and the techniques appropriate to each style.


Singers also develop performance skills – how to emotionally engage with what they are singing and communicate this to an audience.


All classes perform regularly as a whole and as independent groups, in all HSPA shows as well as at weddings and other events.


Street Wednesday | Beat Bop: 4.15–5pm | Beginners: 5–6pm | Intermediates: 5–6pm | Advanced: 6–7pm

Our Street class is tailored to improve dancers abilities in all styles of street as well as increasing their core, arm and quadriceps strength.


You will work on styles such as, commercial, popping and locking, street jazz, freestyle, crumping, isolations, breakdance tricks and cardio. These classes will loosen the body and allow you to get down and funky!


Tap Monday | Infant: 4–5pm | Starters/Juniors: 4–5pm | Intermediate/Advanced: 5–6pm |
Tuesday Adult Tap: 9.30–10.15pm

Tap dancing is one of the hardest styles of dances as it involves many elements including intricate footwork, rhythm, and coordination with the rest of the body and requires strong feet and ankles.


To develop this in classes we follow an exam syllabus, play rhythm games, ankle and feet strengthening exercises, corner work and annually have a number in the dance school show to work on adding in the performance element.


We've got a class for everyone, so what are you waiting for?

Enroll right now and start your journey to being the singer, dancer or performer you've always dreamed of becoming.

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